Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Father John Misty waled the champagne bottle of his inimitable magic o’er the bow of our new 5 At 5 series, joined by our friend and Ace artist Jenny OBowery Presents and Martin Guitar co-hosted in the lobby at Ace Hotel New York on May 18, and Show Cobra caught it on tape. The series hosts five songs at 5pm by artists we admire — the shows are kept secret until a few hours before they begin, and each event is announced on our Twitter page, as well as at @bowerypresents and @martinguitar.

We’re also excited to announce our new Vimeo channel, where, in addition to Father John, we’ll be hosting talkies from all of our live music events, artists making stuff in our guest rooms, and stories about our product collaborations and other projects. Stay tuned.

he is just so yum


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